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Melissa R. McKnight Grant County Assessor

Welcome to the Grant County Assessor’s webpage. This site has been prepared to help you better understand the functions of the Assessor’s office. As your Assessor, I am committed to serve and assist you personally in any matters dealing with this office. Welcome from the Assessor!


It is the purpose and role of the Assessor’s office to establish Fair Market Value for all property in Grant County for tax purposes. The Assessor is required by law to set Fair Market Value and to assure that all values are equitable, fair and uniform to all citizens of Grant County.


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Hyperlink to Public Service Announcement 2020/06/05

What's new on your tax statements

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McCleary Versus Stare of Washington Information

Contact Information

Office Hours: Mon - Fri   8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.

Location: Courthouse Annex on the 1st floor  Room 107
Telephone: (509) 754-2011 ext 2683
Toll Free: (inside Washington) (800) 572-0119 ext. 2683
E-Mail: [email protected]


Parcel Information

  • MapSifter-Includes Maps and District Information Now Multi Browser Compatible! Feel free to use your browser of choice. MapSifter is no longer Silverlight dependant.

  • TaxSifter-Includes Assessor and Treasurer Information



Sales Information

TaxSifter Option: The "Sales Search" tool allows for the selection of sales based on various criteria. The results are presented in a tabular fashion. The information can be copied and pasted into most spread sheet and/or word processing software.


MapSifter Option: Using the legend located in the lower left corner of the MapSifter start screen, select which years of sales to be displayed. "Zooming in" will allow for the sales to appear. Clicking on a sale provides a call-out bubble which enables parcel number link and the ability to see the property details within the TaxSifter web application.


Helpful Hint: Open both TaxSifter and MapSifter before starting any sales search. This will move past the user agreement page and allow the web applications to directly access the specific parcel when navigating between applications.


Our office provides multiple services and information that is available to the public. If you have a question about property in Grant County that is not answered by the information provided here on-line, please contact us.


Our office personnel include the Assessor, the Chief Deputy Assessor, and fifteen other staff. It is our sincere desire to serve and support you in a professional, effective, responsible and courteous manner.


Assessorís Office Personnel:


Phone: (509)754-2011 ext. 2683

Melissa McKnight


[email protected]


ext. 2610

Bobbee Poplawski

Chief Deputy

[email protected]


ext. 2611

Matt Hope

Chief Appraiser

[email protected]


ext. 2624

Amy Perez

Current Use/Open Space

[email protected]


ext. 2641

Carol Rivera

Data Entry

[email protected]


ext. 2683

Craig Allen

Senior Citizen/People with Disabilities Tax Programs

[email protected]


ext. 2672

Joyce Harmon

Manufactured Homes

[email protected]


ext. 2684

Pam Hill


[email protected]


ext. 2607

Patty Walker

Personal Property

[email protected]


ext. 2608

Clayton Johnson


[email protected]


ext. 2690

Marie Anna Kooy


[email protected]


ext. 2654

Rhonda Gingrich


[email protected]


ext. 2648

Jeremie Ritchie


[email protected]


ext. 2657

Lesa Trevino


[email protected]


ext. 2609

Rachel Rice

Appraisal Analyst

[email protected]


ext. 2682


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