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Public Works







Petitions are made to the Board of County Commissioners.  The petition can be received by either Public Works or the Clerk of the Board.


Grant County requires the following items in order to prepare a petition:

1. A letter asking for the vacation or Speed Limit Change

2. A simple map showing the road location and nearest crossroad at each end.  If no crossroad, than a measurement of the length from start to finish will be needed.  Landmarks are helpful, but not necessary unless the road is difficult to find.

3. Please note that vacation petitions also require a $125 fee.


This process may take several months, expect at least 30 to 45 days minimum.



         Road Vacations:


A road or right-of-way vacation is governed by R.C.W. 36.87. It is a process where land owners can have the public's interest in roads or right-of-ways removed. Although the right of way may have been vacated, the rights and interests of private individuals and utility companies may still encumber the road or right-of-way. These private individuals typically live about the road or right- of-way that is vacated, and historically have used these roads for access, or own land in the same plat. Similarly utility easements may also still encumber the areas vacated. What is given up in the vacation process is only the right of the general public to use the vacated road or right-of-way.


Generally the person who wants the road or right-of-way which abuts their property vacated will be the "Principal Petitioner". Any other neighbors who want the same road or right-of-way which abuts their property vacated under the same petition can sign the petition as "Co-Petitioners".


The Grant County Board of Commissioners is empowered with deciding if a road or right-of-way will be vacated. The Commissioners rely on recommendations from the County Engineer and on testimony at a public hearing which must be held before a road can be vacated. They are responsible for protecting the general public's interest and the vacation is at their discretion. A favorable recommendation from the County Engineer and no opposition to the vacation at the public hearing are helpful in obtaining the vacation.

When the road has been vacated by operation of law, or statute, the Board of Commissioners generally adopts a resolution recognizing the statutory vacation so as to remove clouds on title.


It usually takes four to six weeks before the public hearing can be set. This can be done only after the petition is returned, with the proper signatures, to the Department of Public Works for processing. If the vacation is done by resolution the time and date of the hearing must be posted on the area to be vacated and it also must be published in the public notice section of the official county newspaper.


The basic petitioning fee is $125.00.

Road Vacation Information Packet 266KB 10/09/2014

Revised Code of Washington (RCW) on Vacations


If you are not sure if your road is a county road, or if there is additional rights-of-way:

Right of Way Research Requests:




Right-of-way is a blanket term used to describe the area owned or held in easement by Grant County for maintaining road surfaces, ditches, sidewalks and paths.  The standard is 60 feet, although some roads may have more or less, and in some cases may vary greatly over a short distance.

The right-of-way is in thousands of paper documents in files and in different locations.  Sometimes research has to been done in archives on-line or in Douglas County.  As such, it can sometimes be time consuming and require several days.  To expedite this process, Public Works has developed a form to help you put in a request to our office.  You may e-mail this document to the Roads Information Tech at [email protected] . You may mail the form or drop it by the Public Works Office at 124 Enterprise St SE Ephrata, WA 98823.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?  There is no cost for this research.  We will e-mail back scanned documents if an e-mail address is provided.  If you pick up documents at the counter, there is a $.10 per page fee.

Right-of-Way Request Form and Map 109KB 11/26/2013



Information on Petitions for Speed Limits and Jake brakes:

Grant County Code:

RCW 46.61:

Speed Limit Petition letter 30KB 09/25/2017

Speed Limit changes and request for Jake brake and/or other ordinance changes may be requested by a letter of Petition to the Grant County Board of County Commissioners.  The letter may have 1 to as many signatures that can be acquired; there is not a minimum; however, more signatures are better to insure the majority of the local residents in an area are in agreement to the proposed changes.

List all of the reasons for the change, such as School Bus route, area congestion, mailboxes, left turns in truck traffic, etc.

Once the BOCC receives the letter, they will review the petition and pass it forward to the County Engineer for review.  The County Engineer employs several methods to determine the best way to handle a speed limit issue; such as traffic counts, solar radar and posting a deputy and/or other studies.  If the speed limit change is reasonable and prudent, Public Works will write a resolution for hearing to Amend the Grant County Code.  A hearing date will be set and the proposed change posted in the paper.  This process takes from 2 to 8 weeks.

During the hearing, evidence is presented for or against the change.  The Board of County Commissioners will approve or deny the resolution to Amend Grant County Code.

Signs are usually changed or posted within 1-2 weeks. The ordinance may take several days before the change is made.  The resolution will be on file for Public Information both at the BOCC Clerk's and Public Works.


You may either mail or bring your petition in to the BOCC Clerk's Office:



The Office of the Commissioners is located on the second floor of the courthouse annex, in room 207.


Contact Information

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 5:00
Address: P.O. Box 37, Ephrata, WA 98823
Phone: (509) 754-2011 Ext 2928
Fax: (509) 754-6098
Email: [email protected]


Main Office
Grant County Public Works
124 Enterprise Street S.E.
Ephrata, WA


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Ephrata Office hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 5:00
Phone: (509) 754-6082
Fax: (509) 754-6087
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