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Superior Court



  1. The attorney/litigant must be in an office or room with proper lighting. There should not be any distractions (noise or other things) occurring in the background.

  2. The attorney/litigant must be dressed as if they are appearing in the courtroom in person.

  3. The attorney/litigant must have their camera on when addressing the court.

  4. The attorney/litigant must mute their microphone when not speaking.

  5. The attorney/litigant will be allowed to speak only when prompted by the court.

  6. The attorney/litigant should ask to sign off before signing off to make sure they do not have any other cases to call or issues to resolve.

  7. The attorney is responsible for a client’s behavior while participating. An attorney’s client will not be allowed to speak unless prompted by the court.

  8. Working copies of the motion, supporting documents, any responses, and proposed orders must be provided to the Court Administrator prior to the hearing. Please see Grant County Superior Court Emergency Administrative Order No. 6 regarding working copies and proposed orders.

  9. The Attorney/litigant can inform the court the case is ready to be heard by:

    • First conferring with opposing attorney/party that the matter is ready. This can be done by the parties conferring with each other via a separate telephone call or via the private chat function in Webex. The chat should be sent directly to the party, not to “everyone.”

    • After conferring with the opposing party, the attorney/party can send a private message via the private chat function in Webex directly to the court, not to “everyone.” It should state:

      • “[case number] Doe v. Smith – the parties are ready to proceed.”

If the parties are not ready or are not present when the court calls a case, the court reserves the right to decide the matter without oral argument, to continue the matter, or to strike the matter from the docket without prejudice.

If a party’s internet connection is poor and the court is unable to view, hear or understand an attorney or litigant, the court reserves the right to decide the matter without oral argument, to continue the matter, or to strike the matter from the docket without prejudice.

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