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Grant County Site Addressing


Need a site address?

Is your site outside city limits?


Grant County assigns addresses based on a grid system to sites outside the boundaries of incorporated cities and towns. Assigning addresses in a consistent and predictable manner helps emergency responders locate you and your property in times of need.


Ordinance - Grant County Road Naming and Site Addressing Revised April 2017


Site addresses are managed by application.


Application Process:


Submit the application, pay the fee, and post your address



New Address or

Change of Address

Use this form to request a new address or to change an existing address



Uniform Address Marker

Use this form to order markers for an existing address or to order extra markers for a new address


Posting your Address

revised April 2017


Grant County, Washington, Code of Ordinances



Article VI. Display of Addresses



1) The provisions of this chapter are meant to complement Section R319, Site Address, of the currently adopted International Residential Code.

2) Each property owner shall display and maintain the address number assigned to the property, structure, unit, or improvement.

3) Grant County fabricates and provides one uniform address marker for every new site address assigned via the process defined in Section 10.36.500. Additional uniform address markers are available for purchase from Grant County.

4) Display of a uniform address marker inside the owner’s property line at the driveway approach is required in the following circumstances:

a. The addressed structure is located more than one hundred feet from the road designated in the site address.

b. The addressed structure is not clearly visible from the road designated in the site address.

5) Display of a uniform address marker is recommended in the following circumstance:

a. The addressed structure is located one hundred feet or less from the road designated in the site address, and is clearly visible from said road.

6) Address numbers displayed on a structure shall be a minimum of four inches in height, with a minimum stroke width of one-half-inch, and shall be placed in a location that can be easily identified from the roadside from which the building is addressed. For maximum daylight visibility, the numbers shall contrast with the background they are placed upon. For maximum nighttime visibility, the numbers shall be illuminated or receive illumination from a nearby light source.

7) Corner lot address numbers shall be displayed facing the road designated in the assigned site address.

10.36.610 SHARED ACCESS.

Addressable structures or sites located along an unnamed shared-use driveway must be posted at the intersection of the driveway and the road designated in the assigned site address. Additional posting may be required at the location of any subsequent intersections along the shared-use driveway. The structure or site shall display posting at the structure location or the site in compliance with the provisions in Section 10.36.600.


An owner shall display the assigned site address within 15 days of notification or before occupancy of a new residence or building.

The example below is color-coded to show the location of address marker(s) for each building or parcel.



Frequently Asked Questions


Can you assign an address over the phone?

No, Grant County needs the signed application and fee before assigning an address.


Can I choose my address number?

No, Grant County code specifies a grid system for addressing.


Can I choose my road name?

Not usually. Per Grant County code, some exceptions may be allowed.


Does Grant County notify Google Maps, Federal Express, United Parcel Service, Bing Maps, TeleAtlas, and other companies that supply or use address data?

No. Package delivery companies, GPS navigation systems, and internet maps get their address information from a variety of sources. It is the responsibility of each company to include Grant County as a source for site addresses, and the company should check for updates regularly. The Grant County address data is available for free to anyone who asks for it through a Public Records request.


You may want to personally update some of the services that provide or use address data. The list below contains suggestions only, and may be incomplete.

Garmin map errors can be reported at

Google map errors can be reported at

NavTeq map errors can be reported at

TeleAtlas and TomTom map errors can be reported at



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