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Sheriff's Home Page INET Ecstasy



Red Honda White Dolphin Blue Martini


Ecstasy (MDMA) abuse and the trafficking of MDMA is on the rise, posing serious social concerns. Once confined to major metropolitan areas, MDMA trafficking has now expanded to smaller communities. Teenagers and young adults are the primary users of MDMA.

MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine), also referred to as Ecstasy, XTC,   E-Bomb, and E, is a illegally manufactured variation of mescaline and amphetamine. It is considered a designer drug---a substance on the drug market that is a chemical analogue or variation of another psychoactive drug.

MDMA is marketed as a feel good drug. Devotees say it produces profoundly positive feelings, empathy for others, elimination of anxiety, and extreme relaxation.  MDMA is also said to suppress the need to eat, drink, or sleep, enabling club scene users to endure all-night parties.   Its effects last approximately four to six hours.

MDMA is taken orally, usually in tablet or capsule form. MDMA tablets are often "stamped" with icons or logos intended to appeal to a young audience. MDMA or Ecstasy tablets are often referred to by users as the name for the icon stamped on the tablet combined with the color of the tablet, i.e. "Pink Honda" , "Blue Martini" , "White Dolphin" , etc.  The combinations are nearly endless.

Tablets sold as Ecstasy are not always pure MDMA, rather they are often a combination of different drugs.  Ecstasy tablets often contain very little, or no MDMA, but contain methamphetamine, DXM, MDA, Ketamine, Caffeine, ephedrine, and other legal and illegal drugs.  The consumer often has no idea what the pill that they are taking contains, increasing the danger to the user. When used alone, MDMA is dangerous. It is even more dangerous when used in combination with other substances, as the physical and psychological effects are difficult to determine or predict.

MDMA is considered a "Club Drug" and is frequently used by young people attending Rave parties.  Teens will often sell the idea of the Rave party to their parents by telling them that is an alcohol free dance. 

Items associated with the use of MDMA are often overlooked or misinterpreted by parents.  MDMA will often cause the user to brux (grind) their teeth.  Baby teething toys and "binkies" (pacifiers) are common items used by MDMA consumers to help control the teeth grinding.  MDMA users report that the drug heightens all their senses, including the sense of smell.  MDMA users will use paper dust masks with Vicks smeared inside to stimulate their sense of smell.  MDMA users also report that the drug makes lights "smear" or blur.  MDMA users will use chemical lighsticks, handheld colored LED lights, and other small light sources to enhance their experience and give "light shows" to one another.  Due to its size and coloration, Ecstasy tablets are easy to conceal.  Users will mix them with colored candies, vitamins, candy necklaces, or keep them in hidden pockets.

Many MDMA users report that they feel very sluggish after the MDMA wears off.  This is often referred to as being or feeling "E-Tarded." 

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